Will you refund me if you are unable to purchase on my behalf?

For Assisted Purchase, we will order the item according to the instructions provided by you. If the order is unsuccessful for any reason, depending on the scenario:

  1. If it is unsuccessful in buying the item for any reason, we will refund you the Assisted Purchase fee minus £4 or 4.5% of the fee value, whichever is greater
  2. After purchasing the item, if you decided to cancel the order or fail to make payment for the item within the specified time, then the Assisted purchase fee is non-refundable
  3. After purchasing the item and you've made the payment for the item, if you decided to cancel the order or the retailer cancelled the order, then we will refund you the item value, and we will refund you half the Assisted Purchase fee paid

This is to cover the fees charge by payment processor and the use of our service.