Can I return Assisted Purchase item?

Yes, we can return or exchange it. The Assisted Purchase fee paid is non-refundable, as we already provided the service to purchase it on your behalf. 

The return/exchange is subject to the store return policy. Please note: the item must be returned to us 14 days before the store allowable return days, as stated in their return policy. If you return to us late, we will not be able to return the item to store.

For return: You will need to arrange to have it sent back to ForwardVia 14 days before the store's return policy. There is an additional fee to prepare the package for return, and it is chargeable at £10 per return package. We will then arrange to post it back to the store. There may be additional return postage if it is not provided by the Retailer. Once returned and payment refunded to us by the store, the item cost will be refunded to you.

For exchange: As above, we will need to return it to the store first to get a refund. After that, if the item is of the same price, we will place another order and have it sent to us. Once we have the package from the store, you can order to ship it as usual.

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