Will consolidation reduces shipping cost?

Consolidation of packages into one box, or least multiple boxes, does help reduce the shipping cost compared to shipping it individually. You can check and compare the cost of shipping individually using our shipping calculator. The actual shipping cost can only be determined once the consolidation is completed.

We offer two different consolidation services: 

1. Standard consolidation – combine the packages as received from the store. We may choose to unpack, if necessary

2. Standard consolidation with unpacking – unpack the carton and combine it. Retail packaging and the fragile item will not be unpacked

The 2nd option will give you the lowest consolidation weight and volume. That means lower shipping costs compared to consolidation without unpacking. For more information, you can see related articles below. 

Consolidation of similar packages as shown below can be easier compared to combining packages of different sizes. Typically, packages we receive are of different sizes makes combining it a challenge. Combining packages of different sizes will inevitably introduce some empty space. This means packing materials are necessary to fill the voids. This will add some weight/volume due to the weight of the consolidation box and spaces in the box. Regardless, in the majority of the cases, combining it will still help to reduce the overall shipping cost compare to shipping packages individually.

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