How do you consolidate my packages?

Consolidation is a time-consuming process, where we chose a suitable size box and carefully combine all the packages into it. Please note: Consolidation service does not include content checking. The consolidation services we offer: 

1. Standard consolidation - combine the packages as is, we may do the following:

  • choose to unpack if we find it easier during the process
  • place smaller packages into other larger package
  • tape the packages together securely

2. Standard consolidation with unpacking - unpack non-retail packaging and combine it. We may do the following

  • unpack all (non-retail packaging only) and combine
  • keep fragile goods in original packaging, unpack others and combine 


What do you use to consolidate? Rest assured that our staff are highly trained, and will find the best size box during consolidation. We always use sturdy consolidation boxes. Any space left within the box with being filled with air pillows, packing paper, cardboard, and/or bubble wrap. We will always recycle where we can by using used packing materials. 

Why does my consolidated package weight increase? The weight of the outer carton and packaging materials will increase the overall weight. We only use good quality, double-walled boxes for international transit, and it weighs from 0.3 kg depending on the box size and the type of boxes 

Why there are spaces in the consolidation box? Consolidation, especially without unpacking of various sizes, shapes, and rigid packages will almost always leave empty space within the box. The larger the variation of package size, the more space it leaves. 

Why my packages can't be combined? There are cases where your packages can't be combined. If the packages are too large/heavy, packages size variation are too large, not economical to combine e.g. combining it will cost you more to ship, fragile goods

What is the most cost-effective way of consolidation? Combining into one or least multiple of boxes is most cost-effective 

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