Can you repack or consolidate my fragile items into smaller size?

It is generally not recommended to reduce the size of packages containing fragile items. 

Imagine your porcelain is securely wrapped with bubble wrap in its retail cardboard box, surrounded with packing peanuts, and in a secure outer carton. The only way to reduce the size would be to remove the packing peanuts and remove the outer carton. The porcelain is now only in its retail box. This leaves the porcelain at greater risk of getting damaged in transit.

We do our very best to ensure we take great care of your goods whilst in our hands and that they are safe and secure for international transit. When they leave us, sometimes incidents do happen whilst the packages are in transit causing damage to the goods in the shipment. ForwardVia do not handle the parcel once it leaves our warehouse. The chances of it getting damaged are significantly higher for packages without sufficient packaging.

It is therefore recommended packing it securely, even if it is necessary to increase the size (and shipping cost). Please Note: Shipping goods with insufficient packaging will invalidate the shipping insurance cover.

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