What consolidation service do you offer?

Consolidation is where we combine multiple packages into one or multiple boxes. If we are unable to fit it into one box, we will split it into 2 boxes and so on. 

Consolidation services we offer:

  1. Standard consolidation - The standard consolidation fee is £2/package is where we combine packages as received from store. We may unpack if it helps when combining.
  2. Standard consolidation with unpacking - there is an additional £1/package on top of the standard consolidation fee. This is where we unpack it and discard unnecessary packaging to reduce weight to save on shipping cost

For the above, you can include a consolidation request note if you have any specific requirements. The consolidation special request may incur additional charges depending on the complexity of your request. 

Note: We will never remove retail packaging, for example, shoe boxes. Our consolidation service fee is as advertised on our website here. We may consolidate by taping boxes together and shrink wrapping them to achieve the smallest possible volume. Consolidation service doesn't include content checking. If you require this, you must include a note / special request when ordering consolidation. There may be an additional charge for consolidating fragile items that require additional packing materials

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