How does consolidation works?

Consolidation is where we combine multiple packages into one or multiple boxes. If we are unable to fit into one box, we will split it into 2 boxes and so on. 

If you selected Standard consolidation, we pack packages as receive, and may unpack if it helps when combining it. If unpacking is necessary, we only remove the outer carton, we do not discard original retail boxes for example shoe boxes.

There is also Standard consolidation with unpacking service. Again, we will only unpack all the outer non-retail packaging and may leave fragile item in its original packaging.

Consolidation service doesn't include content checking. If you require this, you must include a note / special request when ordering consolidation.

The largest box size we use for consolidation is 62 x 48 x 48 cm, and this is subject to weight. We find that this is the maximum size for safe handling during transit.

Here is the process to order package consolidation:

  1. Provide item details and price in your 'Package Inbox' for each package if you haven't done so
  2. Packages will then move to 'ready to Ship'. Click on 'Consolidate Packages'. These will take you to Consolidation
  3. Select packages you would like to combine
  4. Follow instructions and make payment to proceed
  5. Wait for us to process it. Once done you will be notified, and you can proceed to ship.
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