Why did you release my package from consolidation or cancel my consolidation?

We may release your package from consolidation back to your Package Inbox or cancel your consolidation order if we find your package is too large or heavy to combine, or combining it increases the overall shipping cost. As a guide, the maximum weight per consolidation box is 30 kg.

Combining packages can sometimes increase volume, and hence shipping costs. For example, combining the 2 packages below would require a box that can fit the long box, leaving empty spaces. See below for an illustration. This unnecessarily enlarges the shipping volume, which can increase the shipping cost compare to shipping it separately. Another example is combining multiple large or oversize packages can make manual handling difficult for the courier. This increases the risk of it getting damaged during transit.

You will get a notification if any packages are released or the order is cancelled. The fee paid may be refunded depending on the following:

1. If some packages are released from the consolidation order, the fee paid for consolidation and unpacking is non-refundable. The fee covers the service to check, repack and reseal the released package(s).

2. If the entire consolidation is cancelled, the fee paid will be refunded

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