What is Special Request?

A Special Request is a service that is not listed. It could be content checking, testing of a product, additional packaging requirements, etcs. This is a chargeable service. Some request can be provided at no charge. see 'related article' below. 

The fee can vary depending on the size of the package and the complexity of your request. You can request it, and we will provide you a no-obligation quote for you to consider. It is entirely your choice to proceed.

Here are the few steps on how to raise a special request:

  1. Declare the item details, quantity, and value, if you haven't done so. This information is editable if necessary
  2. Package move to 'Ready to Ship', select the package 
  3. Select 'Special request', choose the appropriate service to get a quote, and state your request. Click continue
  4. Review your request and click on 'Request quote'
  5. Our warehouse team will provide you a quote, and you can accept it by making payment or cancel to decline. It is your choice

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