Can you ship letters?

We cannot forward letters or mail or any official related materials. 

According to our terms: you must not use your ForwardVia Address, including declaring it as your residential address, in the application for, renewal of, or replacement of any official documents or financial related materials or for the registration of any business, partnership, or company. This includes but is not limited to using your ForwardVia Address in driving licenses, passports, or certificates of incorporation. We will not forward official materials or documents to you and will dispose of them as we see fit.

In summary, you are not allowed to use our UK address for the following

  • Apply for financial services - bank account, credit/debit card, loan, etcs
  • Set up Limited/LLP company
  • Use as your Business address
  • Apply for official government document including passport, driving license  and etc
  • Product purchase using credit or mobile phone on contract

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