How do I register to use the service?

To register, click on any links or buttons with Sign up or Register or follow this link: here

Registration is free. Once you sign up, you will be asked to verify your email address. Once done you'll be given your UK address instantly. 

After signing up, here is the guide on how to start:

1. Shop using Your UK Address provided
2. Wait for delivery. We will notify you once we receive your Package from the Store
3. Log in to your Dashboard to see Package in 'To Action'
4. You provide Package contents details and price
5. Package move to 'Ready to Ship' tab, ready for shipping or consolidate or you can request any additional services. For shipping, go to step 7
6. For consolidation of multiple packages, select the packages in your Package Inbox or click here and make payment to consolidate. Once completed, you'll get a notification.
7. Select shipping carrier and make payment to ship. That's all

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