How do I declare my goods for export?

We do not know the value and the full details of the order between you and the store you purchased from. You will need to provide the details once we have your items. The details will be used for producing a commercial invoice for the shipment. It is by-law you should be declaring the true value and item description of the goods for export. Failing to do so may delay the shipment. 

You can declare the item details and value, including VAT once we have received and logged your package. You will see your packages in 'To action'. Simply enter the quantity, item detail, and value for each item and click Save. It will then move to 'Ready to Ship', available for you to order shipping or any other services.

If you would like to change the details of the declaration, go to your Package Inbox, and select the package you would like to edit. After that, click on 'Contents'. You can edit the content declaration details as you wish.

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