How do I return items?

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase or the item can't be shipped, you can use ForwardVia return handling service to return to sender. The free storage period for returning parcels is 15 days for Basic Members, after the free storage period the standard storage fee applies.

There is a fixed service fee of £10 as listed on our website, for the preparation of the package, complete return documentation, and if prepaid return is provided by the store, it includes drop off at Royal Mail Post Office or Hermes.  

You can use our return service by following these steps:

1. Check with the Store you bought from on how to return 

2. Go to your Package Inbox, if the package is in 'Action Required' or 'To action', you need to enter item value and save it.

3. If the package is in 'Ready to Ship', click on the package and select 'Return item' 

4. Complete the return details as provided by the Store 

5. Make payment for the return handling service. Payment exclude return postage to store

6. ForwardVia will then process it according to your instructions  

7. For courier collecting the return package, use the address in your account Dashboard and instruct courier to collect during our office opening hours. Then, email to inform us when it will be collected.

NOTE: The return handling fee doesn't include return postage, repackaging (if necessary), or dropping off at any other Parcel Shop. If the store doesn't provide a prepaid return postage label, we can arrange the return delivery at an additional cost, starting from £12.90 + VAT, depending on size.

After you have made the payment, we will prepare the package(s) for Courier collection or drop off, and you will be notified of the return reference if the return address label includes tracking. Once returned, we are unable to provide the return information, please contact the retailer/seller if you need more information about the return.

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