Can I use different names when ordering?

We will accept all delivery made to us. We recognise package owner by their registered name and the unique 6-digit number. You can see your name in 'Your UK address' in your Dashboard. You are not allowed to transfer packages between accounts. We can only process and ship packages that belong to your account.

As a courtesy, we do allow you to use different names in the following format: Your Registered Name xxxx. Only one word is allowed after your name. The 6-digit unique number as shown in your Account dashboard should also be included. There is no additional charge for using this format. Other formats or different names not as listed above will incur an additional charge. The additional charge for processing different names is £10/package. 

As with any online orders, it is recommended to keep an eye on the order and delivery. If a different name is used, and you did not receive notification after 24 hours of delivery, contact us and we will check it for you.

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