Can I order groceries from supermarket?

Yes, you can. It's easy to buy groceries from UK supermarkets and use Forwardvia to ship them to you worldwide. This can save you ££ compared to buying from your local ex-pat stores. For obvious reasons, no perishable and frozen food is allowed to be shipped, and any prohibited goods/food not allowed for importation into your country. 

Here are the steps to use our service to ship your groceries:

  1. Sign up free here to get your own UK address
  2. Go to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Waitrose or any supermarket and shop
  3. Use 'your UK address' as your delivery address and make sure you use your name as per registration on our website
  4. Order a delivery slot during our office opening time (see below)
  5. Wait for delivery to our address. Once delivered, we will log it into your account and you will get a notification
  6. You declare your item details in your account
  7. You order 'Special request - General repackaging' in your account for us to pack your items into a box
  8. You order international shipping to your address through your account 

When we receive your groceries, we count the number of items. Item is a physical item, for example, 1 chocolate bar. Please note, we have no visibility of your order, hence we can only accept what is delivered. Sometimes Supermarket's substitute products if it is unavailable, we will automatically accept the substitute product.

Our opening time to accept delivery from Supermarket is as listed on our website here. Include in your order our contact number 02380 432561 and the following note if allowed: Our premise is next to The Yacht Tavern.

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