Why are you holding my package delivered from outside the UK?

We identify packages delivered to us by looking at the shipping label on the package. If the sender's address is outside the UK, then there may be outstanding tax and duty.

Even ordering from a UK online store may have outstanding taxes and duties to pay. You could have purchased from a store located in another country or the store's warehouse is located outside the UK. Goods sent from outside the UK may incur import tax and duty when it arrives in the UK, subject to value and the type of goods. 

The delivery company responsible for the delivery of the goods may deliver it first and collect the tax and duty later. This is outside our control, as tax and duty charges are controlled by the UK government and the courier determines the process of collecting it.

The invoice from Courier demanding for payment may take up to 20 days to get to us depending on the Courier's processing speed. Again, this is outside our control. If there is no outstanding payment, your package will be released. If there is any outstanding payment, we will email details for you to make payment before releasing the package. Feel free to contact the store and request for them to provide us proof that there is no outstanding tax or duty for us to consider.

Your packages delivered to us from outside the UK will be put on hold, if it is delivered by the following Couriers:

  • Fedex
  • TNT
  • DHL Express

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